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Who’s still hiring investment bankers?

In this market, anyone who knows where a vacancy is located is playing it close to their chest for fear of being either deluged either with the CVs of redundant bankers, or bombarded with calls from desperate recruitment agents. Through a combination of wheedling, research, and intuition we have, however, come up with the following list of organizations which may possibly still be adding headcount. And they are…

Fenchurch Advisory Partners

What: A London based FIG boutique.

Grounds for hiring hope: Fenchurch’s website says it welcomes ‘applications from individuals who already have corporate finance experience and a good understanding of the UK FIG sector.’ Founder and head of Fenchurch Malik Karim says they are “inundated with unsolicited applications at all levels,” but that, “we continue to look for exceptionally talented investment bankers who are capable of making the transition to the independent advisory sector”.

Quattro Partners

What: An advisory and capital markets boutique set up at the end of last year by Michael Tory, Lehman’s former head of UK investment banking. It’s already hired Benoit d’Angelin, a former head of European investment banking at Lehman Brothers.

Grounds for hiring hope: We haven’t actually spoken to Quattro Partners, but two recruiters confirm that they are hiring ‘partners and managing partners.’

Lincoln International

What: A mid-market Chicago-founded advisory boutique which opened a London office in January 2008. Focuses on three areas: M&A, advising pension schemes and providing debt advice. Started with a team of eight, four of whom came from Chicago and two of whom came from Close Brothers. Hired from Houlihan Lokey in August and from Cavendish Corporate Finance in October.

Grounds for hiring hope: Darren Redmayne, managing director and CEO of the London office says they are hiring at the junior end for the pensions area and at the senior end for debt advisory. They have, however, finished hiring for M&A, although associate level hires may do both pensions work and M&A.

Moelis & Co

What: An advisory firm set up by Ken Moelis, former joint head of global investment banking at UBS. Moelis opened a London office last year and hired ex-Deutsche banker Kristian Bagger as its head. We reported that they were hiring in London back in September, since which time they have announced various senior US hires, but none in Europe.

Grounds for hiring hope: One headhunter working on a Moelis remit says they’re still looking for managing partners and partners in London.

Qatalyst Partners

What: An advisory firm set up by former Credit Suisse technology banker Frank Quattrone and specializing in the tech sector.

Grounds for hiring hope: Qatalyst Partners doesn’t actually have a London office yet, but announced in February that it’s opening one, headed by Jean Tardy-Joubert, formerly Head of Merrill Lynch’s European tech group. We can only assume that further hiring will ensue.

And more generally…

Julia Tustian, M&A consultant at recruitment firm Shepherd Little, says ‘five banks/boutiques’ are looking for analysts and associates in FIG, pharma and healthcare. She wouldn’t tell us which ones, however.

Comments (16)

  1. Wow 7 companies hiring globally – what credit crunch ?

  2. can I apply? Who is the headhunter?

  3. Quattrone … Frank Quattrone … that name rings a bell … who is he again … rings a bell …

  4. Yeah, who is the headhunter?

  5. It was not one headhunter, it was several. They spoke on condition of anonymity. The name of one begins with a J.

    Sarah, Editor, eFinancialCareers Reply
  6. OK, they’ve hired X investment bankers, but,
    the question is: “Who will hire the 200*X remaining jobless investment bankers?????”
    And my next question is: “Are they getting what they used to get…? how much less…?”

  7. As far as I can see there are plenty of roles, but no actual hiring. I’ve been waiting for weeks for two roles where “they want to see you but need to get the position signed-off”…

    Time to learn a new skill!

  8. As a recruiter, the cold hard truth is that these firms will have little or no intention of hiring anything other than direct applicants as they will no doubt get a vast number of CVs from qualified applicants.

    Only way an agency / HH will get a look in is if they get a stellar performer land in their lap who will work for 50% less than previous comp. Maybe have a half chance then.

  9. agree with last comment – lots of roles out there but managers still awaiting sign-off

  10. You forgot to mention McDonalds, so that’s 8 companies worldwide. Then again, I don’t think ANY company wants to hire somebody who thinks they are smarter than everyone else and should be paid huge bonuses funded by the taxpayer for destroying the economy.
    Perhaps if any of you investment bankers had actually created any wealth (rather than just stealing it and destroying it while shifting it around), then McDonalds might reconsider your application.

  11. Steve, it is not the I-Bankers defaulting on their payments it is the guys re-mortgaging for a car, fridge, TV, trip, etc…

    From the floor Reply
  12. Steve – you and your like make me laugh – the huge stack of cash in my bank account makes me sleep fine at night – my banking stint was fantastic and fun now i am looking for the next opportunity and mate it will not be flipping burgers more like flipping multi million pound properties!
    No doubt your like will spend the rest of your working life paying off your mortgage for your two bit stack in Hackney. Suck it up you missed the boat loser.

  13. Ok, so, apart from these 8 boutiques in MA who else is hiring? I guess that yes, at some point there will be bargains out there and those who still have a couple of quids in their pockets will make a killing, but other than that? Traders, for example, sales people?

  14. I can verify one of these stories is true

  15. Hi Beach Bum – while my last message was intentially provocative, I was making an important point that you and other investment bankers should realize, if you have not done so already: Given the collapse of the financial system at the hands of short-sighted, greedy individuals (perception is reality), governments will enforce more regulation and social responsibility to manage risks and actually create value, rather than just taking it and destroying it while shifting it around. Hence, the people that will get the best opportunities in future will be those who can demonstrate their commitment to these values. Statements that you look forward to “flipping multi million pound properties” are not likely to fit this new requirement, so perhaps if you want to find a good position you should be thinking what value you create for society, as well as your employer and, lasttly, your own personal wealth. And FYI, I am a former McKinsey consultant, VC investor, big pharma executive and serial biotech entrepreneur. My last venture is developing new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, so I am comfortable with my own role in society. How about you?

  16. Hey, I know a small DIY shop down the road looking for a a part-time cleaner, so that’s now up to 9.



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