Debate: Delights (or not) of Dubai; nasty bankers; BNP nice after all

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What you don't know about the Middle East; bullying bankers; and BNPP is really quite nice in fact (according to those who work there).

Mixed reviews on Middle East

On one hand the money's good, there's a beach, it doesn't rain all the time and the women 'rock' (apparently). One the other, it's too hot, you might need an exit visa to leave and you're stuffed if you lose your job within the first year. Is moving to the Middle East worth it?

Down and out in Dubai

Bad boys (and girls)

Bankers aren't always well behaved, according to our new columnist Hugh Karseras. What with all those alphas in one place, it seems bullying is endemic and banks aren't always keen on doing anything about it. Plenty of you agree. The solution: collect evidence and sue, or cut and run.

The Insider: When bankers behave badly

Standing up for BNP Paribas

Last week we said BNP Paribas paid badly and lots of people said "Very true.' This week there's been a deluge of BNP bankers ready to stand up for their beloved employer. Seems those who've complained aren't top performers and BNPP is a friendly kind of place where everyone goes home before it gets dark.

Broke at BNP?