Late Lunchtime Links: 20,000 very low paid banking and finance jobs now on offer in the UK

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20,000 call centre-style banking jobs now on offer

Finance jobs on offer now (Photo credit: State Farm)

Away from the City of London, it seems there is hiring in the banking and finance sector. Unfortunately, the jobs are all very low end and very low paid. The Mirror has unearthed 20,031 banking and finance vacancies in the UK, ranging from apprentices at HSBC, to insurance claims handlers in Shrewsbury and a customer relations advisor in Merseyside.

Predictably, none of these jobs pays well. The customer relations advisor in Merseyside will command £11 an hour.


It's ok: Citigroup is only cutting 150 investment bankers and only cutting bonuses by 10%. (Bloomberg) 

Citigroup’s appointed a new head of FIG in Singapore. (WSJ)

Jim O’Neill will be giving one undergraduate economics student at Surrey University £9k over three years. Students must achieve straight As at A-level and have chosen Surrey as their first choice. Their family’s income should also be £30k or below. (The Times)

Lloyd Blankfein and Gary Cohn made an extra $5m each this week. Michael Sherwood made about $517k. (Bloomberg)

Peter Meinertzhagen – the career of an old, school City gent: left Eton, joined Hoare & Co at 19, bemoaned the arrival of the long hours culture. “In terms of work/life balance, it can’t be healthy.”  (The Times)

The rules for success in investment banking. Rule #9 — It never gets easier, you just make more money. (Epicurean Dealmaker)

Materialism and impulsiveness are correlated with high cell phone use. (United Academics)


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