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Five six-figure jobs that are not in banking

Following the immeasurable popularity of our article a few months ago on the top 20 best paid jobs not in banking, and in light of the fact that Hays’ boss says lost City jobs are not coming back ever, we have decided to follow up with some more information on six figure alternative careers, and how to move into one.

Unfortunately, if the jobs below are anything to go by, six figure salaries in other industries are presaged by at least five years’ training.

1.) Senior civil servant


Anything from £57-205k. Details for civil service pay grades are available here.

How to become one:

According to the civil service’s own website, it ‘attracts senior professionals who are adept in areas of finance, HR, procurement, legal, science and medicine, as well as strong operational/project managers.’ In reality, former financial services professionals may find it quite hard to get a senior civil service job without prior public sector experience.

2.) Air traffic controller


Low to start with, but rising to £100k plus for very experienced air traffic controllers working shifts at busy centres like Heathrow and Swannick.

How to become one:

It takes 11 months’ training, during which you will be paid a pittance (£10,678). Once training’s over you’ll earn up to £32k and will then need to work your way up. Big downside: training is only open to people aged less than 24. For more information click here.

3.) Pilot


If you work for a big airline like British Airways and you fly big planes like Boeing 747s, you might earn £100k. if you work for Flybe or EasyJet piloting something a little smaller, you might earn £80k. In a potentially ominous move, Ryanair has frozen pay for its pilots.

How to become one:

In the ideal world, you will get trained by airlines offering sponsored pilot training, a list of which is available here.

a less ideal world, you will pay for training yourself, at a cost of around £60k. You can also get trained by the RAF. However, they only accept under 23 year olds. For more information on becoming a pilot, click here.

4.) Dentist


Although the NHS claims dentists earn £37-80k, the Telegraph says it’s more like £100k plus.

How to become one:

Unfortunately, it takes five years’ training and an ability to withstand halitosis to become a dentist. For more information click here or here.

5). GP


Again, the NHS says GPs earn only up to £80k . Again, however, The Telegraph puts their pay a little higher, at £110k.

How to become one:

First you’ll have to go to medical school (four years). Then you’ll have to spend around four years on vocational training. For more information click here or here.

Comments (17)

  1. I hope to see no one taking away from this that banking requires less training or is the easiest path to a six figure salary.

  2. What about being a columnist for a careers website…

  3. Sadly, it is very easy to get to 6 figures in banking, even to 7 with not too great effort.
    Even easier when you ahve a rich dad.

  4. I good friend owns a newsagent in Kings Cross Station and grosses 200k p.a. and has done over the last 5 years. He left school at 14

  5. You mean some bankers TRAINED to make that mess??

  6. Nows not the time to train to be a pilot . 60k at least for the training , then maybe 5k for the MCC multi crew course, 15k for a a320 or 737 type rating its easy to rack up 80k of training costs. Then you have to compete with all the guys that lost their job at netjets, XL, cityjet etc who have thousands of hours. The only airline to fully sponser is Highland Airways.

  7. Interesting article – however are you aware of the current over-supply of Pilots which means many have been made redundant and the BA pilots are taking pay cuts!! Maybe not a great example.

  8. A lot of pilots are ex-RAF and do very, very well for themselves. Friend of a friend is currently flying for the RAF and can retire (on full pension) the good side of 40. Simple task to get commercial pilots’ licence then off you go and work for BA on effectively two salaries. Sadly, a bit late for me…

  9. Quite informative, but thank God for banking!

  10. abs broker/dealer .. 50k pm worst case

  11. Was that article meant to be funny? Because noone in their right mind would consider these options coming from banking and they are not even available – what company would let you do such a career change?? Why not focus on what COULD be done with your qualifications required for a job in banking and your transferable skills. What a waste of time to read…

  12. Not a very helpful article at all. Most people know this. Accountants make good money as do lawyers and consultants. But as with any profession you have to stick around.

    I think most of us would like to know how to earn good money without starting from the ground up and getting a whole new career. Rather leverage our existing skill set.

    To get into a job today its about who you know. If you do not have a good network you have a problem.

    Banking has suffered a kick in the balls – deservedly – but the world cannot do without it. So it will bounce back, If you were a banker and did not save some of your big bonus for a rainy day – oops.

    Please lets have usefull articles.

  13. It takes a lot to get to these six figure salaries even in banking although this article tends to suggest otherwise. Stick around and work hard and with some luck you’ll definitely get there.I know guys with 9 years software development skills taking up MFE with plans to do at least MPhil or maybe PhD in Financial Maths. I guess such individuals might make the six figure salary if they are lucky.

  14. Pretty useless article for anyone over the age of 25 that doesn’t fancy going back to school – again – for a few years or “work his way up”. Most bankers been there and done that. (They do actually have degrees – often more than one.)

  15. to Patel:
    good for him! and thats how its done! if he has a few more shops in busy areas, he will make even more, as they tend to be open from dusk till down, and once people get desperate tespecially in the eve/weekend, or early mornings, they are prepaired to pay anything to buy the stuff they want

  16. Is the Civil Serivce the new Goldman Sachs?

  17. is a good one

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