Debate: Enduring commodities; the gentle touch; Oxbridge or bust

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Will commodities careers last? Are boutiques really that nice? And would banks ever hire anyone from Southampton University?

Flash in the pan?

You want a career that will go on as long as you do - are commodities it? Jim Rogers, veteran investor turned international traveler, thinks so and advises people to steer clear of hedge funds and private equity. But what about commodities hedge funds?

Guest comment: Forget hedge funds, focus on commodities

Busting out to a boutique

Corporate finance boutiques are said to be hiring voraciously. The upside is they might offer equity, and let you go home before midnight. The downside is you might just spend the next five years' carrying a partner's bags while he schmoozes his way around the country. We don't exactly have a raging debate on this, but are ever hopeful that someone might have an opinion.

Sick of working evenings and weekends?

The Oxbridge effect

Students and bankers are getting exercised over an article on our student centre looking at why and whether banks only hire people from the very top universities. Is it right? Is it rational? Whatever you do, don't mention Southampton.

The Oxbridge advantage?