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Banks take longest to make up their minds about operations staff

For reasons known best to banks’ HR departments, people being hired into operations roles have to wait longer than anyone else before they’re accepted.

Research by recruitment firm Joslin Rowe shows the average amount of time between the receipt of a CV and the extension of a job offer has almost doubled, from around 20 to around 40 days over the past 12 months.

Everyone now has to wait a long time, but people in operations have to wait the longest. Speculation suggests that this is because banks are less willing to sign off non-critical hires.

Hiring times

Source: Joslin Rowe

Comments (11)

  1. And Operations staff take longer to make their minds up about what 2 + 2 equals…

  2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Lol Henry so much hate you need to see shrink, you are clearly attention seeking, fix yourself up, get yourself a life please!! It hurts me to see you like this!

  4. Hahahaha at Shrink! Couldn’t agree more. Interesting article – when you say operations do you mean just back office or roles such as Marketing/PR Business Planners etc? At my firm we are after a lot of comms type staff, but it seems most of the good ones have already jumped ship from the sinking banks. Anybody know some decent PRs unahppy in their jobs?

  5. Shrink. you are right. I really need to get a life, I really am a hateful little man, I have no friends or decent relationships, I equate everything with money despite everyone knowing money can’t buy you love or respect, except in the movies, hopefully i will grow up one day. I just hope people on here realise that i was bullied at school and ever since then have been trying to make up for it by making money and bragging about it.

  6. Still…enough time to get the THC out of the system.

  7. My contempt for Operations people has nothing to do with money actually. Its utter disgust at the people themselves – the intellectual inferiority, the sub-humanism.

  8. my contempt stems from their (more often than not) vile Essex background and their sense of humour which is often so tedious and wearisome.

  9. Henry so voted for the BNP, sub-humanism? Henry, you sound like a Nazi, careful if you do really do work for GS, you know the whole Jewish heritage of the firm? You know, comments like that will get you a P45, I hope your manager sees it, maybe I will email that little comment to your HR department. In fact Im going to do it, you need taking down a peg or two.

    Getting Henry his P45 Reply
  10. I’m pretty sure the author is using the term “critical hire” incorrectly. Hmm… someone bandying around jargon and concepts that they doesn’t understand – where have we seen that before in financial services?

    Biggest Bain in the Room Reply
  11. What is wrong with working in ops?

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