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A ranking of the most targeted universities by investment banks in Europe


Which universities do investment banks like to hire from in Europe? Based upon the universities they target for graduate careers presentations, it looks like a select few. After scouring 5 banks’ websites (UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan) for the European universities they’re visiting this milk round, we’ve produced the following list.

The banks at the top of the list are those that are will be most visited by banks’ graduate recruitment circuses this autumn. Those at the bottom of the list will be the least visited. If your university isn’t on the list, it may not be visited at all.

Needless to say, graduate recruiter visits may not necessarily be linked to banks’ enthusiasm for hiring students from those universities – but we think there’s probably a fairly strong correlation….

Please note that the figure for Wroclaw is skewed by the fact that Credit Suisse is visiting there a lot in order to hire for its back office centre in Poland. The figure for Manchester is skewed by the fact that Goldman Sachs is visiting there a lot – Manchester University being the Alma Mater of Michael Sherwood, co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International.

1. London School of Economics (LSE)  22

=1. Cambridge  22

=1. Oxford  22

2. Wroclaw  20

3. Warwick  18

4. Imperial   12

5. Bocconi  10

6. UCL  9

7. Manchester  6

9. HEC  4

9. ESADE   3

=9. Bath  3

=9. Durham 3

=9. Birmingham 3

10. Bristol   2

=10. Loughborough  2

=10. Essec     2

=10. Ecole Polytechnique       2

11. Exeter  1

=11. Cass  1

=11. ESCP EAP 1

=11. Trinity College Dublin 1

=11. Nottingham   1

Comments (6)

  1. This is clearly bs. Only 5 investment banks and at the beginning of the semester? Give me a break and go write a decent article!

  2. Typical eFC naysayer. What the poster “Uselesss” fails to understand is that the top banks all pretty much target the same top univeristies, so you probably wouldnt even need as many as five banks to get an idea of which univerities were the most targeted.

  3. You forgot the tow main spanish unis: CUNEF and Icade

  4. alright, I know german universities never show up in any league table, if it s for biz admin or engineering.
    but this one is really too stupid, during my studies at Cologne University we welcomed every year all the major investment banks on our campus….

  5. Silverback, you are simply chatting rubbish. I’ve just checked the list of investment Banks targeting Nottingham University this semester. It includes virtually everyone, including some of the smaller ones. Just because you’re desperate to get into banking doesn’t mean you should take everything eFc posts as gospel truth! Most banks tour most of the Russell Group Universities, which is why this article is so useless and misleading.

  6. so where are stockholm school of economics, WHU, Cologne, EBS and LMU?

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