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What does it take to get hired at JPMorgan? Meet this year’s analyst class in London

Reception class (Photo credit: Jaxpix50)

Reception class (Photo credit: Jaxpix50)

As a follow-up to yesterday’s look at the analyst class at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, today we bring you a sample of this year’s hires at JPMorgan.

There are a few things to note. Firstly, they are almost all very international – JPMorgan doesn’t seem to be looking for parochial hires from British university. Secondly, they have all done a lot of internships. Thirdly, there aren’t many women – although this may just be down to our sample (which is based upon the people JPMorgan registered with the UK Financial Services Authority in August). It’s also worth noticing that several people seem to have become analysts straight after doing an off-season or autumn internship. And that if you’re a student from overseas, it’s still common to top up your foreign qualification with a qualification from a UK university before you start work in London.

1. Mr Jakob Mariej Antoniak

Analyst in the TMT group. Previously interned at JPMorgan.  Studied at Cass Business School and the American School of Abu Dhabi.

2. Mr Ashkan Senobari

M&A analyst at JPMorgan. Interned at JPMorgan from February 2012 to May 2012. Also interned at Alegro Capital. Masters in finance from the International University of Monaco.

3.Mr Alvaro Gandarias

Analyst in investment banking at JPMorgan. Previously interned for the summer at Nomura and Morgan Stanley. Studied at Esade and University of California. Completed an exchange programme with Babson College.

4. Mr Ricardo Cossermelli Messina

Analyst in investment banking at JPMorgan. Studied management at Warwick Business School.  Autumn analyst at JPMorgan, summer analyst at Lazard and Santander in Brazil, also an intern at Banco Espirito in Brazil.

6. Mr Benedikt Manigold

Analyst in investment banking. Studied at Warwick, received a first class honours degree in management (finance). Interned at JPMorgan from September 2011 to December 2011. Summer intern at Barclays in 2011. Also interned at MCF Corporate Finance and some shipping companies….

7. Ms Lidiia GAIDUK

Analyst EMEA consumer and retail M&A. Studied at Cass Business School. Interned at JPMorgan between February and May 2012. Also interned for 8 months at STJ Advisors.

8. Dario Tato

Investment banking analyst at JPMorgan. Studied an MSc in International Business at HEC School of Management. Previously interned at Allianz, Prada and Arthur D Little.

Comments (3)

  1. They’re all foreign! I think that is so unfair! Why are these people getting a shot at top spots because they’ve got a breadth of experience from their country? and now they are coming here for work. It’s also because most of the deals that the banks are dealing with are clients from other countries and since these people are native speaker of their home country’s language they are an asset to the country.
    Why is it such a hard time to break in as a British Born Graduate! Riduculous!

  2. Tom,
    I think you are quite wrong here. Certainly they will not hire a non-italian speaker for an italian team in the London office. So no luck for you there.
    But the biggest team JP has in UK is the UK team (surprised?) and it is called Cazenove, which I am confident you knew already. This team is heavily British. More than 80% of the people in this team are British and you hardly see any italians/spanish/french/german/etc there.
    I would not say that it is much harder to break in as a British born than any other country. Your nationality does not matter. However, if you are British born and never took time to learn another language fluently and you are competing for a generalist role against an italian who is also fluent in german and english, keeping everything else constant, why should they hire you? Just because of your passport?
    I am British born with British parents and I had it equally as hard as anyone else to join JP.

  3. Agree with Jason.
    But must also say that JPMorgan is very difficult to get into. They are really tough and have many applicants. Know of many people not getting offers but then managed to join Goldman and Morgan Stanley.

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