Lunchtime Links: Recruitment industry bloodbath?

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Alongside all the excitement about Citi's corporate jet and John Thain's PR supremo, the travails of recruiters may look like small beer. Needless to say, they are clearly not, and it's worth taking note that things appear to be getting rather nasty out there. A Financial News article on the joys of working in restructuring in the current climate illumines just how nasty: it quotes figures from Deloitte which suggest administrations in recruitment rose 232% last year, more than in any other sector.

BofA says it's got "no legal right" to challenge Merrill's bonus payouts. (Reuters)

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More than $1m per head to keep those invaluable derivatives experts at AIG. (DealBook)

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Wall Street's socialist jet-setters. (NY Times)

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Civil servants will spend one third of their lives in retirement. (The Times)