Goldman Sachs internships appear to have finished. If you have any idea of conversion rates, please let us know. 2013 applications appear to be open

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Goldman interns

Goldman interns going barefoot

It looks like 2012's summer internships are all over at Goldman Sachs. The bank tweeted a photograph yesterday of some happy interns at their valedictory event, some of whom are barefoot and others of whom are in curious crouching positions.

Were you an intern at Goldman Sachs this year? Can you give us any idea of the percentage of this summer's intern class which received job offers? If so, get in touch. If you're still interning at Goldman Sachs this summer, let us know what the general sentiment is (job offers/not job offers/despondency/exultation). You can either leave a comment below or email us at All your communications will be treated as anonymous.

Meanwhile, in the event that you are still interning at Goldman Sachs in London, it might be worth familiarising yourself with this profile of 'James', an associate in Goldman's 'Human Capital Management Division' in London.

James emphasises the importance of the review process during the intern programme:

"Reviews are an essential aspect of the internship, as they offer the interns the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on their performance. The feedback plays an important role in whether they receive an offer of full-time employment at the end of the summer."

In other words, if you got a good review midway through your internship you will probably receive an offer of a job. If you got a bad review and put the constructive feedback into effect, you may also still get an offer of a job.  If you got a bad review and did nothing about it, you won't.

A quick look at Goldman's career website suggests it is also possible for students to apply for London-based analyst positions in 2013. All roles in all divisions appear to be on offer, suggesting interns haven't taken all the places at Goldman for next year.

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