French banks for the French, German banks for the Germans?

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Dresdner Kleinwort's in trouble for allegedly favouring German-speaking employees. Are other banks open to similar accusations?

Australian banker Malcolm Perry is taking Dresdner K to court for what The Guardian describes as an allegedly discriminatory hiring policy "designed to fill senior management with Germans and German speakers."

Perry, who was formerly head of the bank's fixed income division, is seeking 10m in compensation.

If he succeeds, we suspect it could cause something of a ruckus in the senior echelons of other banks. BNP Paribas, for example, employs 400 French people at its Harewood Avenue office (admittedly a negligible 17% of the total), and US banks retain US bankers for senior European roles.

How much of an issue is this? Have you been overlooked for promotion because you didn't speak the right language, or your accent didn't have the right twang?