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Goldman indicates it will pay biggest bonuses ever in 2009

Following closely behind last week’s suggestion that $10m bonuses are going to resurface soon, is the claim, in yesterday’s Observer, that Goldman Sachs has primed its employees to expect the largest bonuses in the firm’s history this year.

The paper cites ‘insiders,’ who say the firm has benefited from a lack of competition and soaring FICC revenues. Staff were apparently briefed on the good news last week.

If the success of the first quarter continues for the next three, the average Goldman man/woman can expect to earn $675k in 2009.

Average comp per head, Goldman Sachs, 2006-2009e

Goldman Compensation

Comments (16)

  1. $675k AVERAGE. EPIC WIN !!!!!!

  2. Oh what wonderful news, praise be to Allah.

  3. Is GS the new GS

  4. Henry works for Goldman Sachs

  5. In deine face my DB friends..

  6. Exactly the same story here actually – indication from Head of Trading that 2009 bonuses will exceed 2007 if we keep this up.

  7. Is each Goldman man/woman the new Henry?

    Henrynotwannabe Reply
  8. Role: FX Options Trading analyst (22 yr old):
    Total 2008 compensation (as 1st year analyst): 95700
    Expected 2009 Total Compensation (as 2nd Year analyst): 100000+
    Don’t worry about the financial crisis, just be good at what you do and you’ll be equally rewarded.!!!!!

    GS OptionsVirtuoso Reply
  9. OptionsVirtuoso, you can expect over 150k this year. Congratulations, very well deserved mate.

  10. Insiders say profits are soaring due to a surge in revenues from trading foreign currency, bonds and fixed-income products and a lack of competition. Reference Link :theflyonthewall.com

    The fox is in charge of the hen house. How does Goldman get away with this? Look at this report on ‘Program Trading’ from the NYSE.
    Goldman accounts for a full 25% of all program trading taking place in the market. In this particular week 56.6% of ALL shares traded were involved in PROGRAM trades.

    (NYSE defined program trade is a trade that is valued at over $1million dollars, that includes 15 or more stocks. )

    Think some well timed futures buys and some strategic program trades to the tune of 25% of those being dome might help Goldman Sachs control the market and earn quasi-monopoly profits? I think so.

    Joe Eifrid

  11. First we win the cricket world cup, now I win joining the world’s best bank!! So, so grateful.

  12. @ Omar, please go away.

    Rudolph the great Reply
  13. What a coincidence that we also read about a hiring uptick for the first time since whenver. Betting on super-duper 2009 bonuses is a free option for the bank…

  14. Wait for news of this to really trickle down to Joe public….I wouldn’t want to be on Fleet St when they find out.

    Concerned for Henry Reply
  15. ‘Wait for news of this to really trickle down to Joe public….I wouldn’t want to be on Fleet St when they find out’

    Oh I dont know, could be funny if a mob caught up with Henry.

  16. One has to wonder why anyone would shout how much they earn to the whole world. If you are worth it Henry, then you are paid what you worth and you should be happy that your efforts are being recognized and your performance rewarded. Why then is there this insecurity that propels you to brag about it? What are you trying to make up for? Many people in the financial industry earn a significant amount of money and are discreet about it. I suspect that you will have some very important lessons to learn in the future when you realize that your life amounts to nothing more than a swelled bank balance.

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