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Bank by bank, here’s who deserves to be paid and punished for performance in M&A, ECM and DCM in the second quarter



As we’ve been observing, there have been discrepancies in banks’ performances in the second quarter. On the whole, IBD (M&A/equity capital markets, debt capital markets) didn’t have a good three months – with M&A and ECM teams faring worst.

Now, Creditsights has put together some helpful tables showing how well each bank performed by IBD business area in the second quarter compared to its peers. There are some clear losers (step forward Bank of America’s ECM team, JPMorgan’s M&A team and Bank of America’s DCM team). There are also some clear winners (step forwards Barclays M&A team, who could do with some good news).

Unfortunately, the charts are global. But you get the idea.

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  1. and UBS has all but disappeared. I would rejoice, but have a nasty feeling they’ll be back, in all their ‘not letting on if it damages the bottom line’ glory. Never trust a Swiss Bank keeping a low profile. Or any other sort of profile, really.

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