SALARY SURVEY: This is how much passive fund managers can earn in London, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt and Zurich

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Passivity can pay

Passivity can pay

London may be at the epicentre of a peculiarly large number of financial scandals, but if you work in financial services you will still earn far more working in London than anywhere else, except Switzerland. High pay is part of London's allure (and may even be correlated to the scandals in the City).

This pay rule applies equally to fund management jobs.

A new salary survey from recruitment firm Selby Jennings suggests passive fund managers can always earn the most in either Geneva or Zurich, followed by London. Passive fund managers in Frankfurt or Paris always earn the least. This holds for managers in equities, fixed income, or working across asset classes. We've added Selby Jennings' tables for your perusal below.

If you work in passive fund management, this are ok times. Selby Jennings says fixed income is the "trendiest space of the moment" and that there's demand for experienced fixed income analysts, whose pay is rising as a result. There's also a "preference for experienced talent" in equities, meaning senior salaries are rising there too.

Salaries for passive fund managers, by product, in euros