Two organisations creating 100+ jobs in M&A and futures broking, in London, over the next year

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Tony Blair

If you are a very smart banker, please promptly send me your CV

Good news. To start the week, we bring you more revelations of hiring. It's not Cantor Fitzgerald this time. It's 'Firerush Ventures No. 3' and Marex Spectron.

Firerush Ventures No. 3  

Firerush Ventures No. 3 may sound like a hip purveyor of flame retardant materials. It's not. It's the boutique advisory service set up by ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair  in 2009.

According to the FSA register, Firerush Ventures No. 3 currently has four approved employees. One is an ex-Lehman/Nomura banker (Varan Chandra). One is an ex-JPMorgan banker (Prashant Francis). One is Tony Blair's former aide from Downing Street (Catherine Rimmer).   And one is a New Zealander who hasn't been registered with the FSA before (Jason Samuel Searancke).

Tony Blair aspires to add to this. Firerush Ventures No. 3 is currently recruiting "very smart people" from investment banking, he told the Financial Times at the weekend.

Firerush and Blair's foundations currently employ 150 people. By the end of the year, Blair expects them to employ 200 (although he doesn't say how many will be at Firerush in particular). If he doesn't do something big in politics, he'll be hiring even more.

If you want to submit your CV, it might help to have sovereign wealth fund contacts. The idea of Firerush is to introduce sovereign funds to investment opportunities in areas like clean tech. If you find Tony Blair irksome, don't let this put you off. His role in Firerush is, "very limited," he says.

Marex Spectron

Marex Spectron is hiring futures brokers. MD Gavin Prentice told Financial News he'd be very disappointed if the company doesn't hire another 70-100 front office people in the next 12 months.

Prentice isn't any more specific about the skills he's looking for, or where the new hires will be based. However, the additional 100 hire hires look very likely on the basis of Marex's track record: it's added 382 people since 2010 and now employs 592. Most recently, it recruited Peter Osler, formerly of UBS, as head of interest rate strategy in London.

For the moment, Marex Spectron looks like a better bet than Newedge, the world's largest independent futures broker. The Financial Times says Newedge has lost 20 commodities traders to Jefferies and that it's lost in a strategic morass. “Their owners want to sell them, there’s no business strategy and no-one wants to stay because they don’t know what’s going to happen,” said one Newedge executive. Newedge is currently advertising 12 jobs in EMEA, all in Paris, four of which are for interns.