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It takes a brave man to go on sabbatical

It takes a brave man to go on sabbatical in the current market. This, however, is precisely what Graham Birch, head of BlackRock’s natural resources team, is doing.

According to newspaper reports yesterday, Birch will be absent from the end of March until the start of 2010. It is not entirely clear what he will be engaged in during that time.

With most organizations, BlackRock included, cutting staff, now seems a strange time to be voluntarily indicating that one is not totally indispensable.

We can only suppose that Birch is confident in his own future (his is one of BlackRock’s best performing funds) or overcome by the urge to write a novel.

Comments (3)

  1. If you got money you need time to spend it and the next year is going to be a dogs dinner. If you can afford to and have the reputation, sit it out.

  2. I know a fellow who paid up his mortgage and took last year out to go traveling, before all the s!&* hit the fan. He returned at the New Year and has spent two months fruitlessly looking for a job. He emailed last week – he is hitting the road again and will be back at the end of the year. No point in hanging around, he says. More power to him. I agree with Bing, if you can afford to sit it out, do it. I would if I could – but I’m in wealth management and doing OK.

  3. Easy getting out but near impossible getting back unless you have a concrete agreement. I wouldn’t recommend a sabbatical.

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