Late Lunchtime Links: An organisation where there WILL be hiring, albeit not in London

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Further to yesterday's exposition of where the equities and M&A jobs are in London now according to recruiters, we'd like to draw your attention to alternative sources of employment slightly further afield.

In the first place, Abu Dhabi's wealth fund (the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority - ADIA) has declared itself in a period of, 'concerted resource expansion.' As we noted last week, ADIA already employs 1,275 people and wants to hire more, particularly for its private equity business. Unfortunately for anyone aspiring to become an expat, ADIA is also particularly interested in hiring local staff. It's board of directors is (unsurprisingly) comprised entirely of Sheikhs. However, only 32% of its employees are UAE nationals. Therefore, 867 of its staff are from elsewhere. Therefore, ADIA will have to hire expats - like it or not.

If you think you might want to work there, we suggest you read this interview from January last year with Saeed Al Hajeri, CFA, a member of the CFA Institute Board of Governors and executive director of ADIA’s emerging markets department. Saeed says ADIA is a happy fusion of Western and Middle Eastern cultures:

"The West brings a certain data-based, structured discipline and a sense of urgency to make decisions and achieve results. The Middle Eastern approach tends to be more long term and holistic, with an emphasis on relationships and an overriding sense of what is sustainable and good for the overall community."

He also gives the impression that ADIA is keen to hire CFAs and graduates of Havard Business School: it trains CFAs in-house and "dozens" of its executives have attended leadership courses at Harvard, suggesting they'll be particularly amenable to anyone's completed an MBA there.


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