Late Lunchtime Links: Another alleged incidence of banks favouring employees from their own particular country of origin

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Liking Gouda a possible prerequisite for employment in Dutch investment banking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It's happened again. First Malcom Perry (unsuccessfully) attempted to bring a race discrimination case against Dresdner Kleinwort, where he was formerly head of fixed income. Perry attempted to claim that Dresdner had dismissed him because he wasn't German and couldn't converse in Dresdner's native tongue (German).

Thereafter, Michael Wardle, the former head of interest rate derivatives at Calyon, successfully sued the French bank for promoting a less experienced French candidate instead of him, purely on the grounds of Frenchness.

And now, Paul Roche, a (married) senior front office support officer who earned £70k a year at ABN AMRO, is suing his former employer on the grounds of alleged racist and sexist slurs apparently stemming from the fact that he's not Dutch. Roche, an Irish man, is claiming that ABN staff in London called him a 'pikey'. He also claims that they said Irish people were stupid and were overheard talking about Irish bombers. The case came before a central London employment tribunal last week, but judgement has been reserved for a later date.


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