Lunchtime Links: Concerned Credit Suisse bankers have started emailing Brady Dougan with strategy suggestions

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Brady Dougan

Dougan displaced?

One possible measure of how bad things are getting is a compulsion for employees to step in and offer urgent strategy advice.

This appears to be what's coming to pass at Credit Suisse. In a long article today, Bloomberg reports that CS bankers are demotivated and worried about the bank's future in light of the SNB's suggestion that it raise a little more capital.

Having spoken to an unidentified 'executive' at Credit Suisse, Bloomberg says: "Senior Credit Suisse bankers want Brady Dougan to raise new capital now and have begun sending suggestions directly to senior management."

Separately, Morgan Stanley has issued a report reiterating the need for more redundancies and/or alternative cost cutting at Credit Suisse. Absent a recovery in the bank's revenues, Morgan Stanley says CS needs to reduce costs by another 6-10% and reduce variable costs (bonuses) by 13-21%.  Morgan Stanley's analysts also suggest that Credit Suisse cuts cash compensation and allocates more pay through the unpopular PAF2 pay scheme (not to be confused with the popular PAF1) which doesn't vest for up to 8 years.


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