Late Lunchtime Links: Credit Suisse's front office investment bankers would quite like to see some more back office people made redundant

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Why not cut some people from HR?

Any minute now, Credit Suisse will apparently make a lot of senior level redundancies in London. Last week, City Am reported on a rumour that Credit Suisse is planning to eliminate 30% of its London-based MDs and directors. It's a move that would appear to make sense: Credit Suisse's costs are high, revenues per head have plummeted in the investment bank and the existing CHF2bn cost reduction plan is deemed inadequate (by analysts at UBS).

However, Credit Suisse's front office investment banking MDs appear to be fighting back. The Wall Street Journal has spoken to some who are miffed that it seems to be mostly front office bankers who being cut and not IT and HR types who usually bear the brunt of such things.

'One specific area of ire for the rank and file is Credit Suisse's shared-services division,' it claims. The shared services division at Credit Suisse includes: human resources, branding and communications and information technology.

Ominously, back office redundancies may be coming at Credit Suisse soon. The Journal claims to have spoken to one, 'bank employee' who 'said the cost-cutting drive is just now starting to focus on such back-office areas, after initially targeting revenue-generating functions.'


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