Unprecedentedly Late Lunchtime Links: The good and bad things about Jefferies' results

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Jefferies' results are not this bad

Jefferies' results are not this bad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jefferies Q2 results are out. As ever, with Jefferies reporting ahead of everyone else, they're a bit of a bellwether for how the industry's doing. And actually, it seems it's not doing too badly: yes, Jefferies profits were down 26% on Q2 2011, but overall revenues were down only 2%, fixed income sales and trading revenues were up 30% year-on-year, compensation held up and there were a mere 49 redundancies.

Less promisingly, equities sales and trading revenues fell 32% and M&A revenues fell 33% compared to the prior year quarter. Jefferies, which had been adding headcount, cut headcount instead.

However, Rich Handler, Jefferies' CEO indicated that the bank might be doing some more hiring for DCM in Europe. “In Europe, we’re seeing the capital markets start to take share from the banks in terms of debt financing, and that’s definitely something that is giving us some momentum in investment banking and fixed income in Europe,” the Financial Times reported that Rich said.


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