Late Lunchtime Links: Problems on the horizon for the City; self-inflicted objectification of female Russian bankers continues

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Xenia, the ex-JPMorgan intern

December seems a long time ago now. In the intervening months, it's been easy to get caught up in the daily oscillations of hiring and firing and self-preservation without thinking of the long term threat to the City that surfaced when David Cameron tried to assert himself before Christmas. Now, that threat is very clearly back.

As various publications note this morning, the proposed European Banking Union, involving all 27 European Union members, with pooling of all resolution funds and all deposit guarantee funds, plus broader supervision of the shadow banking sector, is pushing the UK into a corner. Both David Cameron and George Osborne are opposed to UK participation. But as Breaking Views points out, "Will the euro zone be prepared to give British banks a passport to operate freely within its banking union if they are not subject to the same regulations and supervision?"

The Financial Times has spoken to an EU diplomat who says the City of London is at a crossroads. “Will it be the centre for finance in Europe, for Europe, which is what it is now? Or does it go off-shore? Some people have the illusion that it could be a greater Guernsey.”

Worse, the FT says a banking union based on an intergovernmental pact between 25 of the EU's members would give pact participants a majority, enabling them to impose technical standards and financial rules on the UK. The City's main defender on the ground appears to be Sharon Bowles,a liberal democrat MP and chair of the European parliament committee overseeing financial regulation. Bowles' son is a 'bond analyst' in the City.   

Separately, following last year's excitement over Swiss Russian model and former JPMorgan intern  Xenia Tchoumitcheva, a new female Russian financial services professional is apparentlycausing ripples of happiness. She is Olga Tselinina, a graduate of Moscow State Industrial University and fixed income sales person at OAO Promsvyazbank in Moscow.

This is Olga:

As we have observed in the past, attractiveness is often an asset in investment banking sales roles. Equally, however, we have been lambastedfor the objectification of women. In Olga's case, she is arguably inviting appreciation of her appearance, describing herself as "slim and lovable)" on her Facebook page.


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