Debate: Jon Moulton joking, discriminating in the Gulf, CFAs and MBAs both pointless?

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Is PE pay a laughing matter? Have Asian men got it bad in Dubai? Will a CFA or MBA really make a difference?

The serious issue of private equity pay The managing partner of Alchemy (a PE fund with 1.6bn invested) contributed a Guest comment saying the worst thing about managing 'deal-horny' private equity execs is trying to divvy up the 187m they earn each year for doing next to nothing. Was he joking? A spokesman from Save the Execs thinks not.

Guest comment: High priced indolence in the megafunds

Confronting prejudices in the Gulf Is the Gulf a good place to go if you're a woman? Yes, say commentators - if you work for an international bank. Several say Asian men are worst off in the region. Whatever your sex and ethnicity, just don't expect anyone to shake your hand.

Female bankers in the Middle East

Letters after your name Is it worth forking out 40k for an MBA, or giving up weekends to study for the CFA designation? Only if the MBA is from a top school and you don't expect the CFA to transform your life.