Late Lunchtime Links: Boutique London investment bank confesses it may be hiring

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We said earlier this week that Liberum Capital might be hiring. This turns out to be true. Liberum's finance chief David Horsley may have left, but the boutique bank, with operations in sales, trading, capital markets and corporate finance, says it's still hiring "selectively". In particular, it probably wants people for its new asset management arm (although it didn't say as much), where it wants to cover a number of sectors including: private equity, technology, and oil and gas.

Last time we looked (two years ago) Liberum had a salary cap of £150k and had been hiring a lot of people. The following graph from IMAS indicates big growth in registered persons in 2010, but rather less recently.

FSA Approved persons at Liberum:

Source: IMAS


European Commission now proposing that the EU bailout fund channels money into banks directly. (Bloomberg)

UniCredit is shrinking its cash equities division in central and Eastern Europe and making 60-80 people redundant. (Bloomberg)

Regulators may not allow Morgan Stanley to shift a portion of its derivatives business into its bank subsidiary to avoid ratings downgrades. This would be a bad thing if you’re working in Morgan Stanley’s derivatives business. (Financial Times)

UBS has just promoted Andrea Sambo as its global head of FICC structuring. (Financial News)

Christine Lagarde earns £300k a year, tax free. (Guardian)  

“I hope I was able to make clear that, especially in the context of our focus on citizenship, Barclays takes its responsibilities with regards to its tax affairs very seriously.” (Alphaville)

Swiss hedge fund rules are harsher than EU rules because: any fund taking investment from a Swiss-based institution must employ a permanent representative in Switzerland, and meet strict regulatory equivalency requirements in its own home base. And – unlike EU rules – there are no exemptions for smaller hedge fund managers. (Financial Times)

The Treasury wants an internal communications manager for its ‘ultra modern’ offices. (HM Treasury)

Columbia would like to be an investment oasis. (Reuters)

It's not just ability that gets rewarded at work, but conformity.(Stumblingandmumbling)

Human nature is gifted in self-deception, especially when under duress. (Markdow)

Among Wall Street’s trading desks and bullpens, chia seeds are becoming the stimulant of choice. (Businessweek)

Get your organic chia seeds here. (Amazon)