Should banks force staff to work weekends?

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Do you support the Finance Sector Union (FSU) in its weekend-work court battle with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)? The FSU wants to prevent CBA from forcing staff to work at the weekend. (The Australian).

But in the current economic climate, should we still have the right to stay clear of the office on Saturday and Sunday? Shouldn't we just be glad to have a job and work when we're told to?

The union wants to overturn changes to CBA's trading licence in NSW that have allowed it to introduce compulsory work during weekend trading hours. But the bank is claiming that staff were able to make a fully informed choice when their job contracts stipulated weekend work as a condition of employment.

Bankers are used to sacrificing the odd Sunday, but should they be compelled to hit their desks at the weekend? Is CBA being a bully, or are weekends no longer worth fighting for?