Daily Dispatches: infrastructure headaches

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Macquarie Group's decision to devalue the jewels in its flagship satellite trust is likely to create headaches for a range of financial institutions that plunged into infrastructure during the boom years. (The Age)

The collapses of Timbercorp and Great Southern are threatening the future profitability of Australia's largest financial planning group, Professional Investment Services. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Aussie banks are actually quite dumb. (Business Day)

The Australian unit of Bank of Scotland has already received more than $1.8bn worth of orders for a three-year benchmark issue guaranteed by the UK government.


A sharp rise in the number of long-term jobless to over 100,000 suggests the economy may not be as rosy as previously believed. (News.com.au)

Australia is breeding a generation of workers who are dangerously unable to switch off, a social demographer says. (Daily Telegraph)