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Plenty of Australian businesses are listed on London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM). With others being encouraged to do the same, demand for equity capital markets relationship managers with Oz connections may follow.

"I would say that's a natural progression," says Chris Rollason, director of corporate finance at Collins Stewart in London. "Ever since the introduction of the fast track rules there is an increasing attraction to Australian countries, which indicates there will be an increased demand for London-based relationship managers working with Australian clients."

Rollason says an increasing number of Australian companies have come through to Collins Stewart in recent months, a trend he sees as increasing in future.

Martin Graham, head of AIM is coming to Australia next week to persuade local companies to list in London and take advantage of the growing pool of investor money available.

AIM tells us that of the 47 Australian companies currently listed on AIM, 23% (11) joined this year, and Graham hopes to see this figure boosted on the back of his whistle-stop tour through Sydney and Perth.

The FT says Australian mining companies seem to have been the biggest takers so far, raising almost 200m in finance so far this year.

Others say related jobs are more likely to be in Sydney than London. "London tends to deal with EMEA, and I haven't seen any increased demand for people with relationships in Australia, or to work with Australian clients," David Carrier of recruitment firm Kinsey Allen, tells us.

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