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Which is the best foreign bank?

As the overseas i-banks finally start finding their feet after a year of rabid retrenchments, which foreign firm is emerging as the best one to work for in Australia?

Is it UBS? Although struggling in Switzerland, it’s in pole position on most of the deal tables down under.

What about J.P. Morgan? It recently topped The Banker magazine’s annual list of the strongest 1,000 international banks.

Or is Goldman Sachs JBWere still the place to go to earn top dollars? The average Goldman employee is now within striking distance of taking home close to US$1m in compensation and benefits this year. Releasing its earnings figures recently, the firm said money allocated for pay surged 75 per cent in the second quarter.

Given the choice, what global bank would you rather work for in Australia? Let us know below?

Comments (9)

  1. It’s probably UBS in terms of deal volumes.

  2. Goldman Sachs – but work for them in London or New York first.

  3. goldman by far…but locally it is more jbw rather than the actual goldman

    person with opinion Reply
  4. Standard Chartered Bank on a global scale and over time will be the place to be

  5. Probably Rabo bank in terms of agricultural deals :D

  6. for the long term DB will be best

  7. JP definitely

  8. Nomura hands down

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