Time for banks to get a move on

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A Sydney-based headhunter warns the chief reason employers are missing out on premium i-banking talent is their own tardiness.

Dudley Levell, director of financial services IT recruitment specialist Finrecruit, reports, "There is plenty of competition for high quality talent in Sydney and some employers are missing good candidates because they are slow to provide feedback on interviews or CVs."

If banks want to snare the right employee, they need to go about it quickly, says Levell. "Most candidates have more than one option on the go and are more likely to run with the opportunity that is progressing in a timely manner than wait around for feedback on a first interview with another employer."

So is it a good idea to tell prospective employers to get back to you in 48 hours or else? Not according to recruitment agency Hays, which cautions candidates against taking advantage of the dearth of talent.

In its latest sector commentary, Hays advises candidates not to attempt to play one organisation off against another, or use offers as a bargaining tool. The agency explains: "Professionalism, credibility and integrity are paramount," adding that the handling of multiple offers is something best left to recruitment firms, which are well equipped to handle several offers in a professional manner.

Indeed, part of the tardiness in recruitment may stem from employer wariness of candidates looking for a quick buck. As Hays explains, "The last two years have seen increased turnover of staff seeking a quick pay rise with little long-term gain." Patience, it seems, may be well rewarded.

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