What now for the Macquarie model?

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What's your take on the mixed messages coming out of Macquarie? The firm is expecting to see a drop in first-half profits for its 2010 year compared to the corresponding period 12 months ago, but this performance will at least be better than its most recent second half.

While the financial crisis has taken its toll on Big Mac, will the financial year ahead get it back on track?

And what about the Macquarie model? Does the proposed sale of its management rights in Macquarie Airports signal the death of the listed-funds approach?

The bank would now tell you that its satellites business isn't so important, accounting for only 13 per cent of profit in 2009.

As long as the global turmoil remains, is it just too difficult to make judgements about Macquarie's future? Let us know below.

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