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Tell me what’s wrong with my CV (3)

Have a read through this CV and use the box at the bottom to add your comments. What type of role (if any) could this guy get in the financial services sector? Is there anything particularly wrong (or right) about the way he’s written his CV and the work experienced he’s gained to date?


A position that utilises my educational and employment experience to assist in providing planning and analytical review of business’ strategic decisions. In this capacity the employer will gain a highly skilled and committed individual, with the ability to develop effective relationships with clients and employees alike, and the willingness to put into practice the theory learnt.

Concurrent to daily duties, a program of professional development is welcomed to ensure personal and professional growth, and access to a viable career structure. Long-term objective is to make an invaluable contribution to the organisation and become a part of the management team, contributing to the planning and strategic growth of the company.


University in major Australian city (2008 to current)

Pursuing Masters in Applied Finance (Part Time)

University in major Australian city (2003)

Graduate Diploma in Accounting

University in major financial centre in Asia [dates not provided on CV]

Bachelors of Commerce (major in accounting)


· A high degree of computer literacy (including MS Excel & Word, MYOB and Quick Books).

· MS – Excel: Pivot tables and Pivot Charts, Financial Functions “fx”: PV, RATE, YIELD, PMT etc., Solver Function, Plotting Charts and Pie-Charts.


Excellent public relations/ Leadership skills and qualities / Financial acumen / Excellent interpersonal skills / Team building skills / Demonstrated high level of cultural awareness / Excellent verbal and written communication skills / Problem analysis, assessment and decision making skills / Proven ability to work as an effective team member.


High level of co-ordination and implementation skills / Excellent work habits with attention to detail / Methodical and organised approach / Ability to research facts and make critical assessments / Willing to take responsibility / Interact confidently with all levels of employees / Ability to operate independently and in a team environment / Possess strong planning and organising skills.


Property advisory firm, Australia (Aug 2008 – current)

Accountant/Finance Manager

· In charge of day to day Financial and Accounting Functions.

· Financial Modelling.

· Property Forecasting, Evaluating New Development Suburbs.

· Preparing Feasibility Reports for Projects.

· Structuring the Funding with Banks.

· Preparation of quarterly and year end Financial Statements.

· Liaising closely with Bank Managers to ensure smooth flow of Funds for Property Developments.

· Working on Financial Instrument like Interest Rate Swap.

· Working on exposure to Carbon Emission and its impact on the Property Development business and ensure accurate financial and accounting reporting.

· Preparation and Lodgement of Business Activity Statements and other various client lodgements with the Australian Taxation Office.

Web development & IT support company, Australia (Feb 2007 to June 2008)

Accounts Manager

· Closely worked with the Director on Business Development and Structuring of the Company, also closely worked on setting up Advanced Procedures, Company Policies and Systems.

· Financial Management and Modelling.

· Preparation of quarterly and year end Financial Statements.

· Preparation and Lodgment of Business Activity Statements and other various client lodgments with the Australian Taxation Office.

· Complying with ASIC on various matters.

· Liaise with Company Accountants to move the company under “STS” (Simplified Tax System).

Boutique Investment Bank, Australia (2004- 2008)


Transactions involved in

M&A, IPO, Corporate Finance, Managing In house “Australian Media Sector” Portfolio


· Extensive Desk Research on companies listed on ASX and international companies in IT Sector, for Acquirers.

· Assisted in short listing the companies for Acquirers.

· Assisted in Reviewing the Financials of the Target Company and raised queries of substantial nature.

· Involved in preparing brief about the Target Company to be pitched to Potential Acquirers.

· Assisted in Constructing the Metrics for trade sale of the target company.

· Prepared Power Point Presentation.

· Prepared Diagrammatic presentation of the Metrics and various other representations.

· Liaison with Senior Personal of the Acquirer Companies via email and Telephone.

· Monitoring any other acquisition activities if any, of the short listed companies.

· Involved extensively in Due Diligence Process.

· Documentation and Safe Keeping of Important Papers.

Responsibilities in IPO

· Involved in structuring of Company Prospectus.

· In charge of version control of Company Prospectus and made necessary changes as and when required.

· Assisted in Reviewing the Financials of the Company and raised queries of substantial nature.

· Involved in Liaison with Underwriters, Accountants, Lawyers, Company Management and Employees.

· Managed the Chairman’s list of Shareholders.

· Involved in preparing Power Point Presentation.

· Prepared Diagrammatic presentation of various representations to be incorporated on the Prospectus.

· Worked closely with the Printers to ensure the printing of the Prospectus.

· Documentation and Safe Keeping of Important Papers.

· DWS Advanced Business Solutions.

Responsibilities in corporate finance

· In house Extensive Market Research on IT Sector, Technology (Wireless etc.), Online Gaming and E-learning.

· In house Market Research for specific clients in their respective areas of business.

· Involved in reviewing the client IM and liased with client in restructuring it to make it compatible to the existing market trends.

· Assisted in Reviewing the Financials of Clients and raised queries of substantial nature.

· Assisted in Financial Forecasting, Budgeting, and Cashflow.

· Involved in preparing brief about the Target Company to be pitched to Potential Investors.

· Prepared Power Point Presentation.

· Prepared Diagrammatic presentation of the Metrics and various other representations.

· Documentation and Safe Keeping of Important Papers.

If you’d like an anonymous version of your CV to be published on eFinancialCareers, please email your resume and a brief description of your career objectives to: apac.editor@efinancialcareers.com. Please only get in touch if a) you already have the right to work in Australian; and b) you have already worked in financial services.

Comments (13)

  1. objectives don’t say what type of company you want to work for. if you want a banking job, say so!

  2. The i-bank job description is way too loooooooong. Recruiters don’t have time to wade through that much detail. You’re not the boss of G Sachs – cut it down to two pages.

  3. 3 “skills” headings is too long, especially at the top. Must take up more than a page when it’s a word doc. Do you need that long to tell someone your core skills.

  4. take out the 3 skills sections. Shrink list of responsibilities. Add list of achievements (quantified as much as possible).

  5. There are countless grammatical errors. This makes for extremely painful reading.

    Additionally, I note this responsibility, “Prepared Power Point Presentation”. You have to ask whether this (as well as any other responsibility) actually adds any value to your CV.

  6. 1. Too much stuff: positions and tasks
    2. Way too detailed
    3. No clear point of your ‘dream job’

    Advise – send it to companies that will take time to read it through and network between peers.

    Another thing is – you can start your own business.


    Try think of staying at a company for more than two years.

    In one year – you barely learn where/when to queue at the water cooler hierarchy …

    In year two you could deserve the right to take a drink!

    Anyone who believes they’ve ‘added anything’ to a resume for a period less that three years, though content to fool themselves, deceive no-one else.

    Stay at the ‘Property Advisory Firm’ for more than a moment – you may actually learn something?

  8. CV lists many tasks, but the tasks are vague. Need to be MORE specific, but concise and at the right level of detail to highlight the skills/experience you have or have gained.

    Further, This person doesn’t list what their achievements were and how these benefited the organisations they worked for.

    As a result, CV doesn’t jump out and say “Hire me”

  9. Excel skills – Its assumed that a person is aware of all Excel functions. no need to specify .

    A lot of stuff in here ( esp. in “skills” ) belongs in a cover letter that is tailored for the job. Need to downsize the CV itself to core skills. Be punchy.

  10. 1) I’d chuck you out straight away based on the chronology of work history – you worked at the Boutique Investment bank at the same time you were at the Web company (at least a 10 month overlap) – big mistake.
    2) Get rid of words like ‘assist’, ‘prepared’ and ‘liaised’ – these do not point to any outcome. And what the f**k is ‘prepared Powerpoint presentation’?
    3) I think you’ve got the message on the skills section and the comparative lengths of info for each job you’ve had (make each job the same size – 1/3 page for each)
    4) I dont like your objectives section – it reads terribly. Not good at all. Ask someone to assist you with this section – have a conversation with them and then work that onto paper.
    5) best way to write your job description or your CV is to imagine you are your boss – what would he/she expect from you, or what was it that you actually did for them, what were the outcomes, how did they use your work, what decisions did they or the company make based on your output or recommendations, can you quantify the value of your output to the company. Stop thinking about tasks (the things you did) and start thinking about outcomes (the things you achieved).

  11. This is an excellent resume, given the guy is only about 26 or 27.

    Hanley – perhaps the reason he hasn’t indicated that he wants to work for a bank is because, he doesn’t want to work for a bank – or maybe he thinks he has skills that he can use in more than one industries.

    CV – perhaps the reason he lists all those skills is because he has all those skills. What’s wrong with focusing on his strengths, as long as the CV overall is not too long, I don’t see a problem with listing those strengths

    jj – A resume that is 2 pages is not too long, and he only has a few relevant jobs, so a bit of detail on the Investment Bank job is very relevant in my view

    MM – speaking of poor grammar – “You have to ask whether this” – you have a split infinitive verb here, which is also poor grammar

    irite – The correct grammar is “Advice”, not “Advise”, so perhaps this is why they won’t be taking any advice you have about resumes seriously.

    So much more to type, but peraps another time.

    Also, as this person was educated in Asia, it’s likely they speak more than one language, which might be an additional selling point to add.

    Well done


  12. i tried to read it but found it much too detailed, so didnt bother i hope no one else treats it like this.

  13. Looks very junior.

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