Hiring holds for equities analysts

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Recruitment may have cooled in some areas, but equities analysts are still hot. Even better, plenty are prepared to switch jobs.

Patrick Hodgens, head of equities at Macquarie Investment Management, says market volatility has increased the flow of equities analysts looking for new positions - just 12 months ago he says they were much harder to find.

"We've had quite a bit of success in building the team up, whereas a year ago there was probably more demand and less supply of research analysts," Hodgens notes. "We've grown from around 21 people in May of last year to around 32, and we're all but complete now. There's been a reasonably large recruitment drive hiring fundamental research analysts, as well as quantitative analysts and portfolio managers."

Michael Page banking consultant Melissa Tal says she hasn't felt any slowdown for investment banking equities analyst roles.

"They're certainly a necessity within investment banks and I doubt that there's an investment bank that's going to knock a good one back. Even with the market slowing down as it is, the investment banking side of the world is still very much lacking in good skills. There are a number of organisations hiring in that space."

Tim Larkworthy, financial services consultant at Hudson, says some organisations are specifically targeting certain areas, but that overall, banks are taking a cautious approach to hiring at the moment.

"A lot of the international banks are being dictated to by the offshore situation, where head office is dictating what happens down here," he adds.

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