Would you work 20-hour days for US$300m?

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This is what Greg Coffey, the Aussie hedge fund trader who's now based in London, apparently does.

Coffey was big news last month when he left hedge fund GLG - giving up $250m in GLG shares in the process - to go it alone.

But, according to the London Times, he doesn't get much time to do anything with his money, and spends 20 hours screen trading every day.

Even when Greg leaves London for a Coffey break with his family, his hardware takes the trip too. Having his gear there means he can trade through the night, so he doesn't lose while his wife and kids snooze. If this sounds all too familiar, then maybe your job is becoming your life.

Is being like Coffey the way to get ahead? Can you succeed in finance and still have a life?

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