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“I have got four years’ experience in the finance industry (both Singapore and Hong Kong), primarily in investment banks and hedge funds. I currently work as an equity trader, and I am exploring opportunities in working in an international investment-management firm as an equity trader/dealer.”


CFA Level 1-Passed, SFC Type 4 (Advising on securities), & SFC Type 9 (Asset management)

Major UK university: 2001 – 2005
Masters in Civil Engineering (MEng)
Degree Class: Second Upper


Hedge fund, Hong Kong: 2007 onwards

Equity Trader/ Analyst

– A market neutral multi-strategy equity fund that focus on the Greater China region (China A-Shares, Taiwan and Hong Kong). Strategies include pair trading, relative performance, directional, and volatility trading. The fund is managed by various financial products including cash equities, stock options, index futures, and index options. My responsibilities include:

– Working alongside with the portfolio manager by proactively identifying and implementing new trading ideas, providing information on market sentiment, trading environment etc.

– Manage the ‘Delta Rebalancing’ and stock allocation of the funds on a daily basis.

– Providing investment advice by visiting company management regularly via broker-held meeting, analyzing market news and the fund’s P&L

– Executing equity securities transactions across the Greater China markets via DMA & Bloomberg.

– Drafting of monthly newsletters on behalf of the fund.

– Conducting analysis by getting various data via Bloomberg terminal.

Global investment bank, Hong Kong: 2006- 2007

Equities Product Controller – Finance Division

– Produced daily P&L for the purpose of monitoring the trading activity of the Synthetic Products Group.

– Worked with other areas extensively in the firm including Trading, Operations, Financial Control & IT departments, for ensuring accurate and appropriate capturing of trades as well as implementing new procedures and systems.

– Performed independent price verification and valuation on equities related products, including zero strike options, equity swaps and CFDs.

– Improved existing Product Control processes by taking ownership on various development projects.

Major European bank, investment banking arm, Singapore: 2005- 2006

Credit Derivatives Product Controller- Price Testing Team

– Performed the daily and monthly product control price-testing function for 5 Europe Credit
Derivatives books, main products include credit default swap, vanilla bonds and loans.

– Involved in independent assessment by comparing the front office prices at a particular moment and independent market data source, such as Bloomberg, Markit and Lombard.

– Analyzed and explained whether the position is overly aggressive or conservative, and thus seek to
adjust the trader’s P & L at which communication and interpersonal skills play at important role.

– Managed EITF reserve as well as recovery rate reserve on the books to ensure accurate P&L reporting.

– Attended Middle Office Training Course (MOTC) (supported by MAS), which provided extensive product knowledge (Fixed Income, Equities & Commodities) as well as important control procedures.

Boutique investment firm, Hong Kong: 2004

Summer Intern on the trading floor

– Conducted research and statistical modeling for constructing a basket of stocks in Kospi200 and Tai Wan Index by obtaining historical data via the Bloomberg machine, and hence providing advice upon purchasing new stocks.

– Conducted mathematical modeling for the variance swap for a proprietary trader by getting 10 years of historical data via the Bloomberg machine.

Engineering firm, UK: 2003

Trainee Geotechnical Engineer


PC knowledge

– Basic Operation of Bloomberg, Reuters and Trading Screen

– Good knowledge of Microsoft package and use of Internet

– Basic operation of Engineering Programs-Maple, Fortran, Computer Aided Design(CAD), Matlab and Solid work


– Fluent in English & Mandarin., Native in Cantonese and Basic in Japanese

Comments (7)

  1. Stick to what you’re doing until you build up your experience. Seems to me you’re in a supporting/assisting role rather than in a role with your own trading responsibilty/P&L. It’s not exactly the best time to be jumping to a new role given your level of experience.

    Hedge fund traders usually cut their teeth in the world of investment banking before bringing their many years of expertise to a hedge fund. To be honest, I would have thought that your profile doesn’t quite fit that to be taken as a serious candidate. If investment management is the path you want to take then I’d advise you to stick it out a while longer beacause I can’t see what value you can add by jumping to another role right now…unless you want to be a junior doing the same thing again, or unless you can land yourself on a training program that leads to a trading role.

    Although the market may have picked up a little, it’s still pretty bad out there. What you need to show is that if someone was to hire you, can you hit the ground running and make money/serve the customer franchise…and secondly what proof of that do you have. If I was to employ a trader that’s all I want to know.

  2. If you’re still employed in a hedge fund: STAY THERE!

  3. I think you should go back to PC… it has good prospects and jobs a plenty!

  4. Tried to focus on your accomplishments rather than duties of your job.

  5. As an in-house recruiter, I’d suggest you get out and network. The CV looks pretty good, but it’s only part of it.
    It’s quite rare for managers of revenue-generating divisions to go to HR first and go down the usual job board advertising path. They will more likely try their own networks (or get referrals from their teams).
    If you want to get your foot in the door and actually have someone read the CV, then head out to some networking events. It’d also be handy to get contacts at your last job in London to put you in touch with their counterparts in HK. Good luck.

  6. Five jobs in six years! Just what is it that makes you better than the great herd? Did you make money for your firm?

  7. This guy is trained as an geotechnical engineer and does not have the qualifications to be working in the investment industry. So far his work experience has been in the supporting role of managers. This is written all over in the CV in his adminstrative and technical experience. He is not involved in any real making decision, and losing his OWN money, which is very important for a trader and dealer. His must show his track record in trading and managing money. A new employer will have to pay for his learning mistakes.

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