Is Aussie banking still a man's world?

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Are Aussie women failing to make their mark in banking because finance is still a man's world?

A "blokey" or "boys' club" culture prevails in Australian firms, according to a study based on employee interviews at 13 top companies, including finance giants AMP, CBA, Macquarie, Insurance Australian Group, St George and Westpac.

Women in Management: The Leadership Debate, written by Monash University's Hannah Pitman, paints a testosterone-fuelled picture of the Aussie workplace.

Pitman rants: "Communication and decision-making styles attributed to women, such as being inclusive and collegial, are seen as incompatible with desired leadership traits of decisiveness and expediency."

The senior females interviewed, above half of whom work in financial services, complain of exclusion and bullying by male colleagues. The men, meanwhile, are threatened by female success.

Is the glass ceiling closing in on women bankers? Are the best banking jobs still for the boys? Sheilas, speak out below.

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