Bumper month for banking jobs

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If you're a banker looking for work in Australia, now is the time to be doing it. But accountants should stay put.

According to the Olivier Internet Job Index, the number of banking jobs advertised on the net rose 10.3% in the last month - and 43.14% in the last 12 months. This compares to an increase across all sectors of just 1.18% in the last month, and 38.96% in the last year.

Accountants looking for work, however, aren't going to find it so easy; the number of accountancy job ads online fell 2.35% in the last month. But, according to Robert Olivier of recruitment firm Olivier, those accountants who are in work are looking at bumper pay rises. "Our Accounting Salary Survey shows that 85% of employers expect to offer increases above the official inflation rate," he says.

"A third expect salaries will be up by at least 6%, and 6% of employers expect the salaries they pay their accountants will go up by 10%."

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