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Is your job going down with Babcock & Brown?

Things are looking bleak at Babcock & Brown. But will B&B’s confidence crisis prove fatal? And if you’re an employee, is now the time to quit your ship before it sinks?

Shocked staff at the Sydney-based investment house watched in dismay last week as B&B’s share price plunged 52% in two horrific days on the market. B&B’s banks are reviewing a AU$2.8bn loan and the firm is facing a potential fire sale of its international infrastructure assets.

A senior cull is also looming at B&B, which is said to be restructuring the boards of its funds and replacing several chairmen with independent directors.

Should besieged B&B chief executive Phil Green get the boot too? And should you bolt from Babcock before it all gets really bloody?

Throw B&B on the BBQ below.

Comments (5)

  1. Wonder if they’ll all have to repay their bonuses now?

  2. Green’s been making too many excuses for too long – time to give him the chop!!

  3. B&B may well battle through this mess but it’s reputation is now tarnished and you’d have to think twice b4 working for them

  4. errr, as far as I know, there’s no hard news on the jobs front yet – this is all just speculation. some may go, some may, stay, who’s to stay at this stage??

  5. B&B’s model is pretty nich anyway – it’s not as though the whole of the finance world is deparate to work for them

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