Competition tougher for home-grown IT audit pros

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Whilst candidate supply is outpacing job opportunity demand within the IT audit industry, competition is only getting fiercer because of the increase in offshore applicants.

According to Nicola Upham, divisional manager of the finance and accounting team at recruiter Olivier, there hasn't been a notable increase in roles within the IT audit sector over the past year. This compares to the broader audit industry, which has seen a marginal increase in job opportunities.

Upham says she has received an overwhelming response for the IT audit roles she is currently recruiting for. What's more, she has received applications from all over the world - something her clients are more than happy with. "Organisations are showing a bias towards offshore candidates as they believe they will benefit from their international experience," says Upham.

In regards to recruiting offshore candidates, Upham sys that the majority of recent roles have been offered to applicants from the UK, the US, India and the Middle East.

Whilst base salaries tend not to be increased for offshore candidates, companies attract individuals by paying for their relocation expenses and offering them certain tax breaks associated with living away from home.

Salary review

An applicant with a degree but no experience could enter the IT audit industry for around A$40,000 to A$45,000. For an experienced candidate (a degree holder with around five years' experience) approximately A$90,000 is not out of the question.

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