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Backers call Macquarie top-tier in London

After a surprising last minute rally, 52% of over 400 respondents to last week’s eFinancialCareers poll voted Macquarie Bank a heavyweight player in the London market.

The result has left us a little mystified. OK, so Macquarie Bank may be in the running for the London Stock Exchange and may be a big force in the world of infrastructure investments, but Thomson Financial tells us the Australian bank ranked only 27 in UK M&A deals year-to-date and was outside the top 150 for debt and equity capital markets issuance.

Could it be that the 150 employees hired by the bank in London this year cast a last minute vote in its favour, or does Macquarie have hidden strengths that put it on a par with the likes of Goldman Sachs? Let us know what you think.

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Comments (2)

  1. Macquarie, on a par with Goldies, you’ve got to be joking…. Whilst I admire the Aussie bank’s spirit they still have a long long way to go before they hit the bulge bracket.

  2. Macquarie Bank might not be Goldman in ‘full-service terms’ but they have a unique business model that has caught the almighty Europeans and Americans on the hop. I think we’ll be hearing increasingly more about this Aussie infrastructure bank in the coming years. Their success is due in no small part to the fact they are rigorous masters of risk management, from the CEO down.

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