Should Westpac sack the $8m woman?

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The Kiwi Westpac worker responsible for a blunder which cost the bank A$8.05m reckons she is about to be "managed out" of her job.

Her decimal point error led to customer Leo Gao getting a multi-million dollar overdraft facility. Gao transferred some of the money overseas and has since fled to China. His girlfriend, business partner and mother have also disappeared.

Surely Westpac would be in the right to let her go? After all, the mistake has proven hugely embarrassing, not to mention costly, for the bank.

Or would firing her be an overreaction to a simple and unintentional error for a woman who has, according to New Zealand's Sunday Star-Times, more than 30 years' banking experience. The paper also quotes sources who say she might lose her house if sacked and would find it hard to get another job.

When should a mistake cost you your job? Let us know below.