Belated results to our bonus survey suggest the highest, most performance-oriented bonuses are on offer in commodities. M&A bankers are barely paid for performance at all

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It's been a while, but we can finally bring you the headline results, by sector, to our 2011 bonus survey. As you will see in the table below, commodities professionals purport to have received the largest payouts, compliance professionals the least.

Our sample sizes aren't huge: we're not presenting this data as infallible - make of it what you will. Interestingly, the discrepancy between mean and median bonuses by business area suggests commodities payments were also especially skewed towards high earning individuals at the top end. There was also quite a skew in FX and, surprisingly, in operations and finance.

Interestingly, mean and median payouts in M&A were very similar. Compared to colleagues in other departments, we choose to deduce from this that M&A bankers are paid a fairly flat rate irrespective of how well they do. Given the mean M&A bonus from our survey is only £60k, we assume this applies particularly for junior roles and that most of our respondents were analysts or associates.

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