GUEST COMMENT: How philanthropy can benefit your career in the City

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Tutu Agyare

I have spent over 25 years working in the City of London. During that time, my philanthropic endeavours have always formed a welcome release from the relentless pace of the financial world.

Personally, I benefited from a free education in Ghana, West Africa. Philanthropically, therefore my focus is on giving something back to my country, especially to its kids.

At home, Ghanaians have various needs, including access to capital, career guidance, roadmaps to development and role models to help focus their aspirations and dreams. In the UK, African children can benefit from a role model that’s a counterbalance to the stereotypes that surround them.

I get a great kick out of providing mentoring and leadership advice to young, up-and-coming children both in inner cities in the UK and in Ghana. I’ve also raised funds for sickle cell anaemia, a very under-recognised disease.

All of this brings me great pride and satisfaction,

Seeing kids that have been mentored achieve great results, get into their senior schools of choice or watching communities increase their income from either monies I have helped to raise or from inspiration I have been able to give, is beyond belief.

It provides a very welcome foil to the high-powered, rarefied world of finance, a constant reminder of who I am, where I am from and where I definitely want to end up when I retire.

The lessons and insights I have gained from my charitable and philanthropic work have helped keep me grounded in my approach to banking. The relationships I have built and the networks and events that I have been privileged to support and attend have enhanced my career and balanced and informed my personal development.

The constant interaction with those who have not had the opportunities that I have had, watching their challenges and helping with their successes keeps me well grounded.

My next big endeavour - trying to find a place in the London Marathon. My first, to celebrate my 50th and raise £100,000 for my old school and a new Mental Health Helpline being launched in Ghana---HELP!!!

Tutu Agyare is Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Nubuke Investments LLP. He has over 20 years experience in proprietary trading, investment banking, derivatives trading and business management. He was head of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for UBS Investment Bank between 2001 and 2007. If you would like to find out how philanthropy can contribute to your career, please email Marina Mooney at to reserve

a place for Tuesday 26th evening event at 2 Temple Place: "Can Philanthropy Boost Your Career?" from 6.30-8.30pm. 

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