Morning Coffee: What the perfect Goldman Sachs career looks like. HSBC’s unbelievable away day

The perfect Goldman career does not involve retiring at 35. It does not involve a mountain of money and kicking back. It means being a 'culture carrier.'

10 banks set to hire in the second half in Singapore and Hong Kong

Here’s our pick of Asia’s most expansionist banks over the next six months.

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The 2015 analyst class has arrived at Morgan Stanley. Here's who's joined.

How to prepare your CV to switch from banking to hedge funds

Traders switching into hedge funds are still a relative rarity. Here's how to impress recruiters with your resume.

Where Deutsche Bank is hiring traders

Deutsche Bank is in the midst of a strategy review, but some key people are still joining.

8 implications of the Greek no vote for bankers

What does Greece's no vote mean for bankers? - Other than hard work?

Morning Coffee: 28 year-old analyst disappointed by £400k bonus. Greek vote kills banker holiday hopes

You've got a first class degree from Cambridge and six years' experience at Goldman Sachs. Is £400k a big enough bonus for you? Apparently not.

SAC Capital is coming back to London (possibly). What happened to all its ex-staff?

Steve Cohen might be reappearing in Mayfair. The 50 people he used to employ in London are now dispersed far and wide.

The best banking jobs when you’re 35+

You're in your mid-30s. Does that make you too old to find a new job in banking?

The weirdest interview questions (allegedly) asked to junior investment bankers

Investment banking interviews can be hard, but some questions are just strange.

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