The Credit Suisse commodities reversal reveals why you must never listen to banks who say your job’s safe

Credit Suisse commodities jobs are going. That's strange given the bank's assurances only a few months ago.

Can you answer these real-life management consulting interview questions?

Here is a new collection of actual interview questions asked by major consulting firms.

‘Industry-leading’ fund managers aren’t all that special

“Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.” When it comes to fund management, the adage is essentially fact.

INTERVIEW: Wie der Wechsel in die Private Equity-Branche gelingt

So mancher Investmentbanker träumt von einem Umstieg ins Private Equity. Wir haben mit einem gesprochen, dem der Sprung gelungen ist.

The 6 best front office banking jobs for the 2nd half of 2014

Which are the best banking jobs to go for in the second half of 2014?

Senior commodities duo exit Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has lost more senior staff as it winds down its commodities business.

Noch geht der Kahlschlag weiter: Welche Jobs bei der Credit Suisse bedroht sind

Durch die US-Buße musste die Credit Suisse einen Verlust von 700 Mio. Franken verkraften. Darüber hinaus müssen noch 1,1 Mrd. eingespart werden. Wir zeigen welche Jobs bedroht sind.

Les 20 experts en Banque les plus suivis actuellement sur Twitter

Les experts de la finance se sont bel et bien convertis à Twitter. Voici 20 comptes qui se démarquent, selon une étude.

Credit Suisse jobs: what’s safe, what’s not, why you should be worried now

Which Credit Suisse jobs are looking good and which are best avoided at all costs? And is the Swiss investment bank really getting any better?

Morning Coffee: Aspiring bankers pricing real bankers out of homes. Who wants to join JPMorgan’s hot new team?

Rich students who want to be bankers have more money than junior bankers themselves. And JPMorgan's hot new team is not as appealing as it looks.

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