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So you want to get paid in compliance? Here's how.

Is Deutsche Bank now overpaying its junior bankers?

Deutsche Bank is the best paying bank for juniors. It may not last.

Horror of the new UK bonus rules

You received a bonus seven years ago. Fully vested, it's fully spent. And now it's being clawed back. Time to sell your house?

Banking interns have had their pay revised upwards

How high is pay for interns in investment banks? High. And rising.

Morning Coffee: When Deutsche Bank paid a 29 year old trader €38m. Redundancies at Standard Chartered

Not long ago, traders in their 20s earned crazy money. "It was a place and time that will never reoccur in our generation," says a headhunter, wistfully.

Is Jefferies actually the best bank to work for if you’re a trader?

You want to be a trader? Jefferies is said to pay surprisingly well.

Morning Coffee: 22 year old trader made $1m the year she graduated. Where Deutsche’s FICC people can get hired

One female trader confesses to making crazy money the year she left university. She says this wasn't normal: "I was really good."

This is how much you should earn as an investment banker in your 30s

What's the average investment banker salary and bonus for someone in their 30s? And does it really make sense to quit aged 25?

Where to earn bigger money in the Big Four

What are the salaries in accounting like really? And which areas of accounting should you focus on if you want to be (comparatively) well paid?

This is what your private banking salary and bonus should be in Singapore

With so many firms hiring in your sector, it’s good to know how your private banking salary stacks up.

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