How much you will earn as a VP and director in an investment bank

How high will your pay really be if you're a VP or a director in an investment bank?

Average pay in RBS’s investment bank? £197k. Here’s who’s safe

RBS's investment bank doesn't pay too badly, actually.

10 things you need to know about pay at HSBC’s investment bank

HSBC is roundly vilified in the press for the activities at its Swiss private bank. However, some of its staff are still handsomely paid.

A short history of the bonus pool at Barclays’ investment bank

Bonuses in Barclays investment bank don't look too healthy. However, they're not the whole story.

And the most unfair bank to work in Europe for is….

Investment banks are not fair. But some are fairer than others.

This is what you need to know about the pay increase at Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse pay has been hiked in the investment bank. That's good. But it's not all good news.

Where to snag a 40% salary rise in Asian banking, even as hiring slumps

Relationship managers in Singapore's corporate banking sector aren't as in demand as they once were, but some still command big salary rises.

The worst paid jobs on Wall Street and in the City of London

Not all people who work in banks are bankers. And not all banking employees are well paid.

How the 2015 bonus round is panning out at Goldman Sachs, MS, JPM, BAML and Citi

Flat is the new up. Down is the new flat. Up is almost unheard of.

The top five best paid jobs in risk management globally when you have five years’ experience

What's the pay like in risk? How can you ensure that you're positioned to earn a large amount of money after five years? Well...

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