Private equity juniors increasingly toiling for benefit of their highly paid bosses

So you thought a private equity fund would be a caring, sharing employer? Think again.

Why M&A bankers are undeserving and credit traders should earn $1m+

Which senior trading jobs are generating the highest revenues per head in 2014? A new study purports to have the answers.

Banking pay: Are you expecting too much for doing too little?

How will you know if your banking pay expectations are out of control and likely to make you unemployable?

Are BNP Paribas’ fixed income traders the best in the world?

Banking bonuses at BNP Paribas really ought to be big this year. Unfortunately, BNP bankers may be disappointed, as is often the case.

Morning Coffee: What the new banking bonus bashing means really. JPMorgan’s faux-promotions

Banking bonuses are being bashed again. This is what will happen next. And JPMorgan is calling some strange internal job moves 'promotions'.

Morning Coffee: Morgan Stanley juniors have been feeling underpaid, overworked and frustrated. Rush to staff-up in ECM

Morgan Stanley junior bankers have had grievances. The bank has acted to stem them. And the booming IPO market is prompting banks to reshuffle ECM teams.

1 thing about the Lloyds LIBOR fine that should terrify traders everywhere

Lloyds traders' LIBOR manipulation has been particularly reprehensible and for that they will receive a special punishment.

Was VTB Capital the best retirement trade of recent times?

Which bank has been paying 'retirement money' to its staff in recent years? Try the Russian firm which just ditched its CEO.

Banker’s dilemma: “I haven’t had a pay rise for 4 years and my only alternative job offer won’t pay the mortgage”

What can you do when you're on a £170k salary, you can't get a pay rise and no one will match it?

Should you work for McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Bridgewater or Blackstone? Parsing pay in consulting, banking, hedge funds and PE

How's the pay at McKinsey? What about Goldman Sachs, Bridgewater or Blackstone? Where should you work if you want to earn mighty amounts of money?

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