How to make it in private equity before you’re 35

Private equity is the pinnacle of most financial professionals' career aspirations. Here's how to become a principal at a large fund before you get old.

The easiest age for finding a job in finance

So you're applying for a new job in finance? Competition is incredibly tough once you hit 35.

6 people Deutsche Bank wants to hear from between now and 2020

Deutsche Bank is cutting back. But this doesn't mean it won't be hiring too.

Morning Coffee: Join a trading arcade, make £250k a day aged 29. Axeman arrives at Barclays

Fed up with working for a bank's back office? Quit and join a trading arcade. That's what Navinder Singh Sarao did.

6 jobs you probably don’t want as Deutsche Bank becomes Barclays

Deutsche Bank is about to pursue a strategy that sounds remarkably similar to Barclays'. You might not want to work in these jobs if so.

Morning Coffee: Where Navinder Sarao learned to trade. How IBD juniors change

Navinder Sarao wasn't home-taught. He learned how to trade at a proprietary trading firm in Woking. And this is what happens to you when you work in IBD.

The truth about motherhood and Goldman Sachs

Sonia Pereiro-Mendez painted a troubling picture of motherhood at Goldman Sachs. But is it really that bad? It depends what you want as a parent.

Global investment banks are still doing some big hiring in Asia

So you thought the Asian hiring boom was over? Not exactly.

Morning Coffee: Goldman’s research into its ideal recruits. And J.P. Morgan pays most in London

What does the perfect Goldman Sachs hire look like? Is it a man or woman? Blonde or brown hair? Fat or thin? And J.P. Morgan is the best payer in the City.

How private equity firms are poaching from banks in China

China's PE sector is booming. People are moving from foreign banks to PEs. While the moving comes with many benefits, money-making is never guaranteed.

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