investment banking internship

Morning Coffee: 21 year-old intern’s embarrassing approach to senior banker. Bad news at BofA

An intern asked this stupid question when given access to the bank's CEO.

Associates in investment banks

Why banks are about to start hiring associates instead of VPs

Banks are hiring from the bottom of the ladder.

Banking jobs 2015

6 jobs that tell you everything about banks in 2015

Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Citi, SocGen and Deutsche are advertising vacancies that sum up the banking zeitgeist.

Brent Saunders Allergan

Morning Coffee: The 45 year-old every M&A banker wants to schmooze. Hottest jobs in trading

Are you familiar with Brent Saunders? If you're not, and you work in M&A, you're seriously remiss. He is every M&A banker's dream.

Barclays strategy McFarlane

Three new charts explaining the problems facing Barclays’ investment bank

Whichever strategy Barclays' new CEO opts to follow, the future for the investment bank won't be easy. Here's why.

UBS investment bank

10 reasons why UBS’s investment bank is the most appealing in Europe

Wondering which European bank to go for? For the moment, there is only really one answer.

Marty Chavez

Morning Coffee: When you’re 40 years-old and Goldman Sachs REALLY wants you. When stupid people go into banking

How is it when Goldman Sachs decides that it has to have you? - Not that it would quite like to recruit you on account of your exceptional…

Barclays jobs

Barclays investment bank has been doing some quiet but big hiring

Barclays investment bank is supposed to be cutting costs, but it's made some fairly impressive hires.

Beautiful investment bankers

How attractive must you be to work in banking?

Our Abercrombie & Fitch index suggests physical attractiveness isn't a prerequisite for a banking career. - But, it probably helps.

Brian Moynihan

Morning Coffee: Top banker’s cunning method of keeping his job. The deal everyone wants to work on

Have you been under-performing in your finance role? Are you concerned that someone might come along and take it from you? - Maybe one of juniors? Take a…

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