Morning Coffee: Meet Mark Bailie and Chris Marks – the new heads of RBS’s CIB. Hardest banking jobs in the world

Now that Rory Cullinan's gone, will RBS's new heads be slower to make job cuts? And Morgan Stanley is hiring for some very challenging research roles.

MBA, CFA or other? Top qualifications in Asian private banking

You want to work in private banking in Asia. Will an MBA or a CFA serve you best? Or should you be doing a Masters in Wealth Management?

The small investment bank paying huge bonuses

CICC is handing out bonus of up to 48 months' salary, potentially to retain staff, after a few years' revenue decline that led to an exodus of executives.

Morning Coffee: When husband and wife work in M&A at Goldman Sachs. Traders resurgent

What kind of lifestyle can you achieve when you and your spouse are both M&A bankers? And traders have had a good first quarter.

Unexpected incident of hiring at RBS’s investment bank

In an act of incongruity, RBS has just made a big hire into its investment bank.

Morning Coffee: When and where to work for a US investment bank. Banking juniors should ask themselves this

Are Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley always best? And here's how to probe your choice of a banking career.

Bank of China targets foreign expansion

Bank of China has been expanding overseas business quite quickly. It is in great need of talents all over the world. The recruitment won't stop.

Morning Coffee: Fintech is the new hedge funds. Why Deutsche Bank won’t become Goldman Sachs

Back in the day (2010), the road to glory involved leaving an investment bank and setting up your own a hedge fund - preferably with your previous employer…

Big upswing in banking recruitment as RMB goes global

The internationalization of the RMB is creating offshore banking jobs.

Lazard’s London office hasn’t promoted any MDs since 2012. Here’s why

Does it make sense not to promote anyone to MD for three years running? Yes, according to Lazard.

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