Morning Coffee: RBS blogger shows how to get into banking with an atypical background. Citi’s bonus news

You don't need a brilliant CV to get into banking - just ask Joseph Kynaston Reeves. And Citi is spreading the love at bonus time.

Morning Coffee: Ex-product controller becomes VTB CEO. Why not to work in equity research

A product controller from Deutsche Bank has become a beautiful butterfly. And equity research jobs are a bit of a nightmare.

Morning Coffee: Citi’s new higher pay, accelerated promotions for junior bankers. Optimal working hours per week

Citi is giving its junior bankers a special gift. And don't work more than 50 hours per week - it's pointless.

Banking interview questions answered – do you want to trade equities, or bonds?

You're sitting in a banking interview and someone asks you whether you want to trade equities or bonds. What do you say?

Morning Coffee: What Citi and Bank of America really said about banking jobs yesterday. When to move and forego your bonus

Citi and BofA have confirmed the established wisdom: traders are being squeezed by the love lavished on risk and compliance professionals.

Rule no. 1 for junior bankers: Never start as an associate when you can start as an analyst

Junior bankers are falling into this trap at the start of their careers. It could leave them out of work when markets turn.

Morning Coffee: Special news for Morgan Stanley bonuses. Don’t work here at Credit Suisse

Morgan Stanley is trying to be more American in the way that it pays its bonuses. And beware of this division at Credit Suisse.

Morning Coffee: 73% of junior bankers are gone after 2 years. M&A jobs here

Junior banking jobs are not for life. And here's who'll hire you if you want to quit your big banking M&A role.

Morning Coffee: The most toxic boss in finance. 45-year-old French superstar at Morgan Stanley

However bad your boss is, he's unlikely to be as bad as Bill Gross. And have you heard of Jean Abergel?

High paying US high frequency trading firms now hiring juniors in London

Want a high paying job in high frequency trading? Here's who's hiring juniors.

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