The raw, funny truth about being a trader in the US, Europe and Asia

For a behind-the-scenes (and hilarious) look, we turned to Wall Street trader-turned-stand-up-comedian Raj Majal.

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Recruiters in corporate banking, investment banking and the middle office in Asia explain how to make your first career move a successful one.

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How to survive when your colleague becomes your boss

What happens when a former colleague is promoted above you and your peer becomes your manager?

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Should you strategically time your application to go out today? Yes, and no.

The dangers of networking with bankers at Glastonbury Festival

These days there are plenty of bankers at Glastonbury Festival. You might think this would be an opportunity to network. You would be wrong.

“I am completely burned out and my head feels like a watermelon.” To CFA or not to CFA?

Studying for the CFA exams can consume your life? Should you really bother? Candidates offer their perspectives on the issue.

Twenty skills to list on your banking CV if you want a job now

Which skills and areas of expertise do you need to list on your banking CV if you want to get a finance job in the current market? Try these.

Critical career mistakes that could crush your chances of promotion in Asian banking

Here's how to behave (and how not to behave) in order to snare a promotion in the Asian finance sector.

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