Tudor Investment Corporation’s co-founder on how to be a great hedge fund trader

Peter Borish co-founded the infamous hedge fund Tudor Investment Corporation and is now offering advice on how to be a great trader.

The new reality of getting promoted in an investment banking job

Investment banks have vastly changed their operating models, the types of people they hire and how they hand out promotions.

Career Quiz: Should you quit your banking job for a startup?

Are you thinking of leaving your banking job for a startup? You may be horribly deluded. Take our career quiz to find out.

How M&A bankers describe themselves on their resumes

We looked at resume examples from M&A bankers all around the world. This is how they describe their special characteristics.

How long does it really take to pass CFA Level III?

You want to pass CFA Level III. How much of your life must you give up really? A lot.

How to convince your boss you deserve that promotion

Discussing career progression and promotion with your boss isn’t easy – the potential pitfalls are plentiful. Here's how to get it right.

Forget the beach: How to kick-start your finance career during the summer

Don't think of the summer as a time to kick back and take it easy, actually it could be the best time to find a new job. Here's how.

The one skill every junior banker needs to become a somebody on Wall Street

The most important factor in the success of a professional is the degree to which he or she "owns" their relationships.

Do you want make it to the top in banking technology? This is what it takes

Key tips on what it takes to make it to an affective chief information officer in financial services today.

CFA or MBA: Which is best for a finance career?

CFA or MBA? What should you consider taking if you want your finance career to take off?

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