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The cover letter template that will get you a job in banking

Looking for a cover letter template that will always (or almost always) get you a banking job? This is it.

Are top recruits brainwashed into taking banking and consulting jobs?

A new study offers a few possible answers, all of which suggest the decision to join banking or consulting has little to do with the students themselves.

The boutique investment bank everyone should want to work for

The top of the latest “best bank to work for” list offers no real surprises. But number five may shock you a bit.

Investment banking interview questions, with suggested answers

Here is a collection of real questions that were asked of investment banking candidates at the MBA level, along with suggested answers.

Morning Coffee: Junior bankers thrilled with time off, the $200k job that offers no work-life balance

Junior bankers are thrilled that they're able to leave the office for a "relaxing dinner", but has work-life balance really improved?

Why investment banks and hedge funds are still getting graduate recruitment wrong

Investment banks and hedge funds miss out on a lot of graduate talent by focusing purely on academics, the top universities and the right mix of extra-curricular activities.

Morning Coffee: Small investment bank boosts pay by 41%, naïve bonus bankers lose court case

One small investment bank has bolstered bonus payments after a good first quarter. Andrew Brogden and Robert Reid lose bonus court case.

The one skill every junior banker needs to become a somebody on Wall Street

The most important factor in the success of a professional is the degree to which he or she "owns" their relationships.

Eight things you should know about UBS and Deutsche’s Q2 results

UBS and Deutsche Bank have both reported their second quarter results this morning. Eight need to knows about pay and hiring in their investment banks.

Investment bankers and traders are no longer running the playground

In some ways, Wall Street is like high school. You’ve got the cool kids,, the average schmos and the nerdy crowd. But, the social hierarchy is changing.

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